Patey, Patrick de Vere The Manor of Dagworth with Sorrels (1985)
Major Patey lived in Dagworth for many years, and although his History contains
some inaccuracies, it provided me with invaluable starting points for my research.
Since this work is not readily available, I have produced copies of it here:
200KB scanned html
with some errors
20MB scanned searchable pdf
Copinger, Walter Arthur, The Manors of Suffolk: notes on their
history and devolution - Vol. 6 The Hundreds of Samford, Stow, and Thedwestry

(1910) pp162-166.
White, William History, Gazeteer and Directory of Suffolk (1844)
Page, Augustine A Supplement to the Suffolk Traveller (1844)
Kirkby, John The Suffolk Traveller - 2nd edition (1764) p187
Hollingsworth, A.G.H. The History of Stowmarket (1844) pp96-97

My research has used a wide variety of sources, and I have aimed to reference the
origin of each piece of information within the pages of this site.

The following are some of my key sources:
Old Newton Churchyard Survey
This survey was undertaken some years ago by members of the Old Newton WI.
Since it is not readily available, I have produced a copy